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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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surrounding an early morning fire at an oakland middle school. what fire investigators are saying about it. new video showing the mass beheading of egyptian christian hostages. the retaliation against isis, here on ktvu mornings on 2. from ktvu fox 2, this is mornings on two. good morning, we are back live in oakland this morning where an early morning fire damaged a middle school, you can see still a very active scene this morning we're taking you there live, we'll have more on the unusual discovery by firefighters that is now under investigation. it is monday, president's day, february 16th i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark, let's talk about your weather and traffic, steve paulson is right there he knows our forecast. >> pretty simple. >> gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> it will be a little cooler you two, still above average on the temps, coast, why not.
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why not. let's get the coast fog machine, it's been warm on the coast as well as you know records yesterday, i think that's four days in a row above 80, oakland downtown, just going bonkers. 80 degrees, that was our record sfo at 73, 75 in san francisco, just you can't, if you said draw me a ridge of high pressure, that's about as good and strong as it is going to get. it will back off a little bit today but still temperatures will be warm, very warm for some, especially away from the coast. we still have a slight component of an offshore, 40s and 50s on your temps, at least the nice cool down, i'll tell you you're on borrowed time if you're this warm. 50s low, pittsburgh, 40s for others, and 43 danville, and a few high clouds spilling over the top of the bridge, they zoom right off. patchy coastal fog. clear skies mild to warm, still lots of 70s here, maybe a slight cool down for a few
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coast and bay but still running mild to warm. all right, i trust today should be easy on the traffic we hope, we hope. yeah we do hope, we do have a nice-looking commute right there right now steve, you know some people don't have to go to work today, and saturday schedule trains don't start until 6:00 you can see traffic is looking good, to the mcarthur maze there are no major problems. also looking at interstate 880 northbound, there is an accident clearing northbound 880 just north of high street, and they have been running traffic breaks every so often to slow traffic coming down, so far, though, traffic is so light it really hasn't been a huge problem and 580 is a good alternate. and if you're driving on 880 south let's say from heyward to freemont it is a good drive. let's go back to the desk.
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oakland fire crews mopping up from a school fire they battled right near the bart station. ktvu fox 2 is live at the clairmont middle school. investigators saw something suspicious as soon as they got there, carol. >> reporter: fire investigators tell me they are certainly looking into some unusual circumstances out here this morning, also out here, the red cross had been out here for just a short time helping firefighters with some support and just behind them you can see firefighters working out here still checking for hot spots, making sure there are no additional flare-ups out here. firefighters say it was a passerbi, the cafeteria had caught fire flames extending up into the attic, the firefighters say crews had to get up on the roof to let smoke and fire gases out of the building to make it safer for the firefighters, investigators tell us it looks like it started in the kitchen area,
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digging into unusual circumstances they discovered when they got here. >> first arriving engine company found that one of the doors was open to the cafeteria which leads us to believe someone had gotten into the cafeteria before us and again the fire is under investigation but that is concerning that the door was open. >> now there is no school today because of the holiday but the cafeteria is unusable there is extensive smoke, fire and water damage throughout the building. firefighters say in the fire, burned in large part as the cafeteria kitchen area, there is quite a bit of damage, a ref estimate at least $500,000 of damage if not closer probably to a million. certainly this is a large building and extensive damage throughout. all right, thank you for the update. time is now 5:04. meantime san jose firefighters are investigating a fire to a
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building that housed classic cars. this happened early saturday morning and 24 hours later firefighters were still out there putting out hot spots, the building is commercial and home to a car and stereo shop. the fire destroyed classic cars worth more than a million dollars. the security guard was at the shop just hours before the fire started, he came back yesterday to collect some of his belongings. it was terrible. good thing that i'm still alive that's what matters. >> his daughter's fish collection was in that shop but the fish survived the flames. also in san jose, four people and several pets now in a temporary home after a clothes dryer caught fire in their house burst into flames. this happened yesterday about 4:00 in san jose. firefighters say it started in the dryer then spread throughout the house and to the fence threatening the house next door. >> no one was hurt, the
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families now getting help from the red cross. a memorial is growing at the spot where a security guard was killed in east san jose over the weekend. joining us now with the clues police are hoping to find surrounding this investigation. >> i want to show you just how well loved this security guard was you can see the large memorial behind me where he was shot and killed, they are hoping surveillance video from this shopping center will help them find the person who shot and killed a man over the weekend. the shooting happened shortly before 10:00 saturday night during a robbery at the liqueur for less on north capitol avenue. 35-year-old manny was a security guard at the nightclub next door. he noticed something was wrong and jumped in to help but someone inside a waiting car open fire friends tried save him but it was pronounced dead
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at the hospital. a memorial has been set up outside the club in his honor, friends say he was a great guy around to help everyone. >> just letting go, they got what they want, that's it. the liqueur store has now handed over their surveillance video to police, they are hoping it will lead to an arrest in the case, officers say the robber was trying to steal swisher cigars and only got away with a little bit of cash. so we will be checking with the san jose police throughout the morning to see if that surveillance video has yielded any potential suspects or even a description of the get away vehicle. all right hopefully they find some clues, thank you. 5:07 is the time right now a cargo ship will remain at the port of oakland for more than a week after an on-board fire. oakland fire crews had to fight tight spaces and climb 12 flights of scarce, no one was
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hurt, investigators say the fire was probably started by an over heated piece of electrical equipment. port operations are suspended in oakland. the association which represents shipping company in terminal operators shut down operations so it does not have to pay doc workers weekend or holiday pay. and the union has been in contract talks for 9 months now but there are still several issues unresolved. when president obama was in the bay area last week, he asked labor secretary to help the two sides reach an agreement. time is now 5:08. the faa will investigate the crash landing of a single- engine plane on a golf course in heyward. the plane had just taken off from the airport when it lost power but made an emergency landing towards the sky west golf course. no golfers were close by and the pilot escaped without
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injuries. however the under side of the plane was damaged and the small amount of fuel leaked out. egypt has launched air strikes against state targets in libya after the terror group released a video showing the beheading of 21 egyptian christians. the military says the planes targeted them before returningsafely. this is video of jets taking off on their mission, the military says the strikes are to avenge the egyptian bloodshed. the white house is condemning the beheading saying they know no bounds. and showing men in orange jumpsuits being led along a beach each accompanied by a masked militant. they were annealed and one addresses the camera in english before the men are simultaneously beheaded. egypt's president declared a seven-day mourning period. back here at home later today in san francisco, a push
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to legalize recreational marijuana use, it will continue with the international cannabis business conference with the hotel. the supporters want california to join four of the states where it is legal for adults to buy and use marijuana recreationally. activists are drafting a 2016 ballot initiative they've got nonaugust to submit that proposed initiative. well it is 5:10. hackers stole millions of dollars from world banks in what is being called the most sophisticated attack ever. what we're learning about how they accessed bank computers and stole money. but first. i have never in 43 years being involved in this sport seen a finish like that. >> there is a dramatic, very emotional ending to a marathon in austin texas after the break, the inspiring way this runner made it down the final stretch after her body just gave out. good morning we're looking
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at traffic in san francisco on northbound 101, it looks pretty good approaching the 80 split on this holiday. after a very warm pattern over the weekend with record highs, little twist today some coastal fog has decided to work its way back, won't be too much, but work its way down, we'll show you that.
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what's not on it? two freshly cracked eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese all on toasty sourdough made just for you. it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand. . welcome back, record snow in new england in being
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followed by some of the coldest temperatures in years, as much as a foot of snow fell in boston yesterday, snowfall totals reached as much as 7 feet from a serious of four storms that have hammered these coast a wind chills could reach 20 degrees below zero or even colder some people say all they can do is laugh. >> i'm just laughing at it i'm looking at the positive side that i believe in time we're seeing a weather event that's probably not going happen for another 50 years. the governor of massachusetts asking people to stay inside and be safe in the bitter cold, it is not over yet, another snowstorm heading across the midwest is expected to reach the northeast by tomorrow night. the heavy snow is causing a lot of problems take a look here, you're looking right inside a house in quincy massachusetts. they fortunately, though, no one was hurt. already today there are dozens of flight cancellations
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and delays being blamed on the bad weather. the majority of the problems are at airports in boston, new york, and washington d.c. there are no significant delays across the bay area airport. at least 7 people were hurt after their plane hit major turbulence on a valentines play flight from new jersey to hawaii. the plan did land safely and when it did, four flight attendants and others needed treatment. parts of hawaii were under a high wind advisory creating trouble not just in the air but also on the ground. in honolulu, strong winds ripped the roofs off almost 70 homes. no one was hurt, but many say they've never seen damage like this before. the high winds also toppled trees as well. thousands also lost power on maui and the big island, most of the power has now been
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restored. an unwanted valentines day surprised cause problems from la to portland. the flight delayed after a passenger reported being stung by a scorpion. >> what? >> a scorpion. well the woman was treated by medics at the airport, refused any medical treatment, the airline says the flight originated from mexico, the oregon state university men's basketball team also happen to be on that flight, taken by a member of the team, they say that they were told the scorpion had hitched a ride in the carry on bag of a passenger who had just been to mexico. so they we have to pick up our shoes and jackets. >> kids are checked and they can't find a scorpion in a bag? >> i guess so. >> good morning everybody, not much going on, today is a holiday for a lot of people, we're not expecting a traditional morning commute.
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if we look at some of the things we're going to show you here traffic moving along very well on 880, they had cleared that accident that was up, high of 29, and things are actually doing pretty well there are no major problems. if you are driving on the westbound bay bridge approach, traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive into san francisco, no major problems. and if you're driving out of the livermore valley, the traffic here looks pretty good. and let's go to steve in the weather center. and record highs, san francisco missed by 1 degree, 75, the record was 76, 1930. it felt like it was 76, let me tell you. i mean what are you going to do? not only locally but also at least southern california isn't on the record highs like they were last week, but still some will show you some of these coming up right now, that's
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four days in a row. just going nutty. 80 degrees, that was a record at the airport 79, and crescent city, and breaking the record. you just can't get a bigger ridge really than this. i mean my goodness there is no sign of that, at least not right now. 7 to 10 days, everything will continue to be west coast ridge. 40s and 50s on your temps at least the nights are cooler but i'll tell you, 52, 42, 64 belmont, 53, 40s and 50s, still a component of an easterly breeze, not that strong but offshore, even though fog came to the coast, that's where it is going to stick and stay right near the coast, it is 19, a little cool down there, 42 up
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redding, and 59 in san diego. nationally, brutally cold, single digits for some chicago, 5 atlanta, 34, little rock, dallas is 34, oklahoma city 21, 7 in new york city, washington is eleven but your wind chills are the ones, northwest wind, 20, 30 miles per hour, 17 below in boston, hartford, and new york city, 11, really there is no change to the pattern, here comes another system this one coming in right, the great extent, the ohio valleyly down to the deep south, rain mixed and snow so the beat goes on for us except for a few high clouds toppling over the ridge of high pressure a dry pattern, slightly cooler a ramp-up of coastal fog the water temps are very warm. monterey buoy hit 61 degrees for a couple of hours that is a february record. never been that warm. it is still 59 so is half r
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half-moon bay buoy. and just unbelievable. patchy coast, clear skies, mild to warm a little cooler by the coast maybe parts of the bay, not as warm but it is still going to be warm, i mean these are way above average about 60, 64, we continue to be way above, it will stay this way, i honestly just waiving the white flag. there will be a little cool down, breezy conditions but dry there is no sign of any rain. thank you. time is 5:20. sky resort will not hold its world cup race next month for skiers and snow borders the reason is not enough snow to build the world cup courses packed with jumps and other obstacles. squall valley usually gets 450- inches of snow, but because of the drought there's only been 140 inches of snow this winter at the summit. the event had been scheduled for march fourth to march
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eighth. winning a marathon has you hitting the ground running, a woman did just that. 29-year-old havan, who led the woman for most of the race but when she got to the last mile her body just began giving out. that's when she hit the ground pushed herself harder, than she ever has before. >> so hard to watch. >> yeah. >> the determination and guess what, she had accepted help from anyone, she would have been disqualified. she wanted to do it herself, with the nurses by her side, she called inch by inch until she crossed that finish line and won third place. as tough as that is to watch, that is so commendable.
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>> time is 5:21. still ahead police are out there looking for a criminal who they say robbed a man and tried to steal a car but the critical skill he did not have that forced him to give up that point. but first, chaos at the movies, the dramatic scene caught on camera as hundreds of teenagers mobbed a theater, and how police believe they coordinated the attack.
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. welcome back, at a florida movie theater, there was major drama, but not on the screen, hundreds of teenagers, part of this mad rush was captured here on a cell phone video almost 200 teenagers made it inside before the security gates close. law enforcement agencies showed up minutes later, and they herded everyone outside, that's when things got more dangerous. 800 kids show up, cause a ruckus, robbing people. stolen cars, drugs. i've never been involved in anything like that i'm hoping it doesn't happen again to me. >> i'm hoping they got home and got in trouble with their parents if their parents knew what they did. i don't think i'll be going back. >> two people were arrested, the police believe those teenagers used social media to coordinate that mob. "50 shades of grey" was red
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hot at the weekend box office. >> why am i here, christian? >> you're here because i'm incapable of leaving you alone. >> ther rottic drama was the number one movie earning $82 million since late thursday night, it is expected to top $90 million during the long holiday weekend. kings man was second, ticketsales also exceeded expectations, sponge bob square pants, american sniper rounded off the top five. and study shows american teenagers are not getting enough sleep. the researchers involved 300,000 teenagers. they say they get an average of 7 hours of sleep or less a night, experts generally recommend 9 or 10 hours of sleep for 15 to 19-year-olds. the results are raising concerns about a impact of
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sleep deprivation. and the amount of sleep teenagers get has been decreasing over the last years. there are major implications here. >> i think it is because they are busy. time is 5:27, denmark is in mourning after two separate terror attacks. up next, the new arrests we're finding out about and the possible link to the gunman. we're live where admission to the national park is free today we'll tell you why that's good news for some people and not so good for others. and a commute where traffic is actually doing very well because it is a holiday, we'll tell you what that means for transition system. and today looks cooler temperatures still running above average we'll see how the rest of the week looks.
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. good morning, welcome back to mornings on two. these are live pictures we're looking at where a security guard and shot and killed there over the weekend. coming up in 2 minutes, katie is there she'll tell you more about the brazen robbery that led up to the shooting and the search is underway right now for that gunman. it is monday morning february 16th. i'm dave clark. thank you for joining us. it is 5:30. i got a nice chance to hang out with steve a little bit in the
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city yesterday. >> we did. >> it was just so warm, so many people out and about. >> shall we tell them what we did? we went to beach blanket babylon. >> you went three months ago almost more than half of it was new. >> we were laughing out loud. >> and that person laughing was me. >> that was very funny, thanks to everybody, thank you very much. we do have record highs yesterday probably not today, but still going to be warm, but i mean look at the pattern this is a ridge of high pressure like nobody's business. as they say, in up and over she goes and everything drops into the northern plains, the deep south, northeast, where it is just one extreme to the other, we're very warm there unbelievably cold, occasionally higher clouds combine, that's about it. there is a little bit of patchy
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fog, i mean i don't think it is going to make much of an impact expect right beside the water's edge, higher elevations still very warm, that's at 1200 feet of scotts valley, 60 degrees, 40s for some, san jose state, 51. i believe san jose state meteorology hit 80 degrees, they are very good over there. there is the cold there, just incredibly cold it is for many, you throw in the wind chill and it is hard to believe, relentless, there is another system coming out, still, rain to the south, mixed precipitation and snow again, i'll tell you we could use something in the way of presip we're just not seeing anything, there is no sign of anything to the rest of the month. maybe that will change but right now there isn't any. mild to warm today, cooler by the coast, still pretty mild, 70s for many. here he is. steve good morning we are
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having a decent morning remember a lot of your public transit systems are on saturday or holiday schedules today, because of president's day holiday let's go out and take a look now at what we have with the morning commute and we are looking at westbound bay bridge which is not expected to get really busy today, a lot of people have the day off, not everyone, but just enough to make it easy for those of us who have to go to work. also looking at the commute here on interstate 880 they had anearlier accident near high street that's gone, never made a big delay because traffic is so light, if you're driving in walnut creek and highway 4 all those commutes are off to a very good start, we're not expecting them to get busy at all. flowers and candles mark the spot where a well-loved security guard was skilled in san jose over the weekend. ktvu fox reporter joins us from the scene and has, talked about clues police are hoping to find
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surrounding this investigation. >> reporter: what makes this crime shopping is they took this man's life over a pack of cigars, the memorial speaks to how well loved he was and all along the side of this building are surveillance cameras, they hope it will help them identify the suspect. saturday night at about 10:00, the security guard at nightclub interrupted a robbery at the liqueur for less store which is next door, the shopping center is located on north capitol avenue. witnesses say someone fired several shots, he later died at the hospital. >> manny, he was a good guy, he turned around, i don't know, why they shoot him? >> people who work at the shopping complex say he was friendly to everyone. officers say the robber tried
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to steal cigars and got away with a little bit of cash. the surveillance footage has been turned over to the liqueur store to police, officers are hoping that will help them with a vehicle description for the get away car as well as possible descriptions for the robbers. all right we'll continue to check in with you throughout the day. 5:35 is the time. it is being called one of the biggest banking breaches ever, stealing is $1 billion, the hackers have been active, targeting 100 banks in 30 countries, the hackers would access bank computers and learn how they operate before stealing money through atm transactions and transfers. the news follows the announcement by the white house of an increased focus on cyber security. time is 5:35. did you miss last night's deadline to sign up for health insurance, get ready to pay a big fine.
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the deadline was midnight. as long as you started the application process before the deadline, now you have until friday to finish your enroll. events were held like this one to make sure they were signed up in time, a lot of people took advantage of them. >> when people can't get the care they need, that frankly becomes a population health issue, right. this is about how california is getting healthier, staying healthier and living longer, better lives. what happens if you did not sign up in time? you have to pay a penalty. this year the penalty is $325 for adults or 2% of your income which ever is higher it is $162 for children. usa today reports almost half a million people have problems signing up for coverage through the affordable care act because of a computer glitch. it prevented some people to get their income verified in order to enroll. the problem was fixed ahead of the deadline, that led to a lot
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of people signing up at the very last minute. new this morning, danish police arrested two men suspected of helping the gunman carrying out shooting attacks. they were killed in a shoot-out with a swat team yesterday, they were at a seminar for free speech. the documentary filmmaker was killed in that attack, the gunman went to a synagogue and open fire killing a security guard. hundreds of people attended a candlelight vigil in paris honoring the victims, the memorial was held outside the danish embassy, he came out and thanked even for their expressions of solidarity. last month 17 people were killed in terror attacks in france. here is a bizarre story, a carjacker in concord got quite a surprise when he tried to steal a car he couldn't drive. this happened early sunday morning on monument boulevard
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just after midnight. police say the owner got into his car and found a man sitting in the passenger seat with a gun. apparently in the middle of burglarizing the car. the man forced the owner to drive him to a near by location where he demanded money then kicked the owner out of the car. police say the carjacker tried to drive away but had no abandon the car because he didn't know how to drive a stick shift. meantime police still looking for the carjacker described as about 25 years old, 5' 8", 160 pounds with a thin mustache. everybody loves a freebie, this weekend free admission was an offer a lot of people could not resist leading to huge crowds, our fox reporter live in marin. i did see a line-up of cars. >> it is certainly beautiful, admission is usually $7 but today it is free as it was the entire weekend and that caused
5:39 am
a massive traffic jam. visitors experienced major congestion similar to the back- up in these photos, people had to park a mile away because there was simply no spot. the freebie coupled with the warm weather and holiday weekend made this a draw. the parking lot only holds 150 cars those spots were gone by mid-morning, and there were about 4,000 people here saturday. one of our producers was here yesterday, they said they were parked right next to the drop off. neighbors are angry about traffic on the narrow winding road they asked the national park service to impose a limit on the number of visitors allowed. tomorrow the admission cost goes backup to seven dollars, there is a proposal to go up to $10, you can bet people will be turning up in droves again here
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today. certainly a beautiful day for it. time now, 5:39. witnesses say it is a miracle no one was injured when a large tree came crashing down in san francisco. those are fire crews that workedthey had to use chain saws to cut up that 30-foot tree, blocked both directions of traffic. the tree also took down some power lines and nearly missed a car. >> i was just standing, working, looking out on the street, this tree fell down, knocked out all the lines and barely missed a car. so it is a miracle nobody was hurt or a car or bus wasn't crushed. police closed the street while they removed the tree, it took a few hours to restore the power lines. no word yet what caused that
5:41 am
tree. you were out there affected by some of that too. time 5:40. early this morning, coming up at 6:00 we'll get a live report of what firefighters are calling unusual circumstances. and stanley's power ball winner comes forward, how he came to pick the lucky numbers and what he plans to do with his million dollars. we're looking at a decent morning commute, it is the holiday and we don't have a lot going on, we'll tell you a little bit more about what's going on with your drive to work. after a very warm weekend in fact record setting warm we have a little different twist today, it will still be warm but a slight cool down by the coast we'll show you why.
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. welcome back to mornings on
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2, it's taken months but the faa has released its role for commercial use of drones, the drones have to weigh less than 55 pounds, they can't fly higher than 500 feet in the air, or faster than 100-miles an hour. and they can't drop things. drone operators have to keep site of their machine at all times as well as they got to be at least 17 years old and pass a test, supporters say this is a step forward for companies that want to use the unmanned aircraft for photography, mapping, inspecting bridges and also for monitoring crops. all though there is a tremendous number of operations which can happen in those areas, they are operating characteristics today, pizza delivery, getting packages likely is not. >> amazon has been testing drone services to deliver light packages but that wouldn't be allowed under the proposed
5:45 am
rules. experts say it could take two more years to get the regulations finalized and commercial zones flying legally. the clock is really ticking as funding for the department ofhomeland security is about to run out. members of congress far from making a deal. fox news sunday, john boehner put the blame on senatedemocrats. >> the house has done its job under the constitution, it is time for the senate to do their job. boehner went onto say he is prepared to allow the department of homeland security to shut down if the senate doesn't come up with a funding bill of its own. last month the house passed a bill, includes provisions to block the president's immigration policy, there is no chance senate democrats will vote for that congress is off all this week, when they come back next week they'll only have four days to work out a deal for the deadline. apple pay is ready for take off and it is flying jetblue. starting this week passengers on some jetblue planes can pay
5:46 am
for food and drinks by using apple pay, they can also use apple pay to upgrade to available premium seats. jetblue is the first airline to accept apple pay while in flight. the first one will be between ffo and los angeles and kennedy airport in new york. meantime a team of girls from oakland took part in the worldwide coding competition, the girl's hack-a-thon is getting young girls and women to use technology to solve real world problem, they worked on apps including one called talk it out, where teenage girls can help other girls with issues. the goal is to get young women to see this technology as a career path. >> i want to go to sanford, go to high school, i want to be an entrepreneur, if that doesn't work out i want to be in
5:47 am
coding. i made websites that's my thing i want to keep doing that and get it developed in the app story. why do i want to say, you go, girl? no, really, teens in taiwan, brazil and india also took part. the winner will be named in the middle of april. time is now 5:46. now we know how a man will spend $1.4 million after he matched 5 numbers in last week's power ball jackpot. hector, he and his wife plan to buy a bigger house and payoff some bills. mr. corrara has been playing the power ball for awhile now but recently changed his method. he used to pick numbers randomly, this time he used his daughter's birthday. wednesday's $564 million jackpot was the fifth biggest in u.s. history. way to go. i know you always like to hear about people who win.
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5:47 is the time. some people have the day off. >> bart is on a saturday schedule, i'll let you know that. parking meters will be enforced. one of the things you should always do no matter what day is, if you're parking at a meter read the small print, don't be surprising coming back to your car for a fat ticket that would stink. let's go out and take a look we have now, we have an accident reported southbound 880, that is reportedly blocking one of the slow lanes but it is not causing a big delay because traffic volume is so light. let's take a look at bay bridge toll plaza. we're not expecting to have a big commute, usually the lights go on at 5:45. today i don't think they'll go
5:49 am
on. 680 looks good, we're expecting a good looking drive all over the bay area this morning on this president's day. 5:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. yesterday bay bridge was brutal. >> a lot of my friends they text me like what is up with this? >> i figured something was up. we do have a little change not much, some patchy coastal fog has decided to come, it's february, why not? 81 degrees, what makes that more remarkable, four days in a row, oakland, downtown 80, redding airport, 79 that tied, sfo, 75, that was a record and crescent city hit 72, that also was a record. san francisco missed by 1. the record was 76 on sunday sat in 1930 they checked in at 75. mild to warm coast fog returns
5:50 am
there is no rain in site. don't see a thing. i do see a large and in charge, in everest way up and over that's where she goes, higher clouds come by a little bit of fog, it is very shallow not much of any west breeze not going to make much of an impact. 40s and 50s on the temps, the water temps are also extremely warm i'll have more on that in just a second. 43, and 44, 58, i mean warm air, upper 50s, and 60s, still a component of an east or northernly breeze, there is no west wind at all, how much impact that can fog have the end result not much. by the way the monterey buoy yesterday hit 61.3 degrees for a couple of hours, that is the warmest february temperature ever, water temp. i mean, this time of year to hit 61, it is still 59 and so is half-moon bay buoy and nothing to do with el nino,
5:51 am
just very warm. chicago, 5. give me a high of 5. st. louis, little rock 28, pictures coming in, did you go to wku? white-out conditions, new york at seven, washington eleven, here's your wind chills. read it and weep, 11 below and the pattern looks like it stuck for awhile maybe for the rest of the month, here comes another system, rain to the deep south mix going right through memphis and also to the north a lot of snow for us high pressure builds to the north, a dry pattern occasionally you can get something sneaking inunderneath, there is nothing all the way out, that coast fog might be thicker tonight and tomorrow. slight cool down by the beaches, it won't matter for much inland, 70s for many, these are as you probably know by now, way above average. fog might play into the coast
5:52 am
forecast for the bay, over all, the message is just a little cooler but still no rain. >> the fog is all the moisture we're going get, i guess. >> for awhile. there is no sign of anything to come. the third snowiest ever. >> we have to work on it. >> we'll dry. >> all right steve. something was on a plane that nobody wanted coming up in 25 minutes, the flight delay caused by something that bit a passenger. we'll tell you what it was. but first, a nearly record- breaking nba all star game we have the highlights and the special tribute by seth currey to one of the muslim students killed last week.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
. seth currey ended with 15 points, 9 rebounds, five assists, six assists but the all star game, oklahoma city, russell westbrook. he scored 41 points, 1 shy of will's record. >> we were just trying to find a way to win the game and close the game out, but i missed about 6 or 7 lay-ups though. i still say it is weired to watch the game with no defense. >> they don't want to get hurt, the western conference won, the second half of the season kicks off friday with the san antonio spurs in town. seth currey says the shoes he wore in the all star game is in tribute to one of the three muslim students, they are going to be sent to the man's family.
5:56 am
currey wrote this message on the shoes on saturday, it was in honor of dia, now he and his wife and her sister were all shot and killed near the university of north carolina last week, he was a huge seth currey fan. time is 5:56. o'brien going cuban, the comedian spent his weekend taping segments in cuba taking his recent move to improverelations with cuba, it is the first late night show to film since the u.s. embargo started in 1962. he says the trip will give viewers a glimpse of life in cuba every day. the show will air on march fourth. very interesting. >> well, an international business conference all about marijuana, what hundreds of activists are doing in san francisco. fire damaged the middle school in oakland early this
5:57 am
morning with investigators found out there why they are calling it unusual. good morning san francisco in the city right now, looks good, northbound and southbound 101, a decent commute all day long right through here. not much changing in our warm temps it does look slightly cooler because coast fog has decided to come back, it is february, sure, why not.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. an early morning fire at an oakland middle school, now fire investigators are looking into some unusual circumstances. it is being called the most sophisticated attack ever. how hackers were able to access banks and computers around the world and steal millions of dollars. mornings on 2 continues. from ktvu fox 2, this is mornings on 2. good morning, we are live in oakland where firefighters are still at clairmont middle school at this hour, fires started there a few hours ago, damaged the cafeteria, coming up in just two minutes fox 2 reporter will tell us what investigators are now focusing on that they say is very
6:00 am
unusual out there. thank you for joining us this monday, february 16th. president's day. i'm dave clark, got the frog in my throat. i ducked outside for steve, it is still cool this morning. >> if it was june or july, we'd be 105 or 115. oakland, 80 degrees in february for record highs. slight cool down near the coast today, patchy fog has come back not a lot, some o


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